More Than Just Numbers

When you think about analytics, a combination of numbers, anxiety and brain cramps probably follow. Which is understandable. Analytics, by definition, has to do with data and statistics. But now, with the emergence of social analytics, it means something much more.


The Social Media Association invited Chris Ee to speak at its “Moving Beyond Reporting — Turning Social Analytics Into Intelligence” meeting Friday January 27 at Five Towns College. After breakfast and networking Ee, who is a lead digital and social analyst in New York City for The Marketing Arm, spoke about how companies can utilize information from analytics for growth and a better understanding as to which advertising campaigns work best.

“Not all content is created equal,” Ee said.

It’s important for companies to be able to better understand what social media platform is giving them the best return. Whereas Facebook and Twitter are often the first platforms people think of, they are far from the only ones. The emergence of Snapchat, Instagram, even newer platforms like evolve every day. They offer opportunities for free and paid marketing campaigns.

Businesses and clients want the “most bang for their buck” when it comes to paid social media campaigns. So rather than just throwing money into Facebook and Twitter because they are the first two most think of, there should be a better way to know if these platforms are best for you.

And there is a system for that. It’s called analytics.

Through analytics, you can find out how many people are utilizing your campaign. Therefore, you can better understand where your clients and how they interact with your client. If you work for a law firm, maybe you’re better off building a following based on positive reviews on Yelp than a Facebook like. Or as a college, what specific campaigns, pictures, videos, hashtags bring the most amount of people to explore and learn more about your site.

All this can be determined through analytics. The potential for more concentration and efficient advertisements and spending habits continue to grow through analytics daily.

One interesting example brought up at the meeting was the emergence of #Adulting, an expression used by younger generations when they feel like they’ve done an “adult” thing, like maybe a car payment or just going to the gym after work. Analytics have shown this hashtag increasing over the months and years, which shows if a company can find a way to create something engaging like that, it can help with growth.

Although analytics, by definition, is number oriented, it can provide much more than that. It can paint a picture of what works and what doesn’t. The mixture of creativity with the use of analytics had the potential take any business to new heights. – Owen O’Brien

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