Why Your Business Needs to Get Visual

why your business needs to get visualPaul Biedermann, Creative Director/Owner of re:DESIGN and SMA Board Member, spoke to us about the importance of using visuals in our online business communications. Never have they been more effective, during these busy, distracted, hyper-engaged lives we are all leading.

What do we mean by visuals? Photographs, videos, slideshows, infographics, illustrations, quote graphics, memes, and animations — any imagery that can be engaged with and shared online.

Visuals capture our attention, communicating quickly and effectively. Long passages of text don’t work nearly as effectively, especially now with the mobile revolution and all the time we spend on our smartphones. Visuals have a way of hooking us into the content we are seeking.

Paul based his presentation on these twelve points:

1. The online world revolves around visuals

Visuals are social. All the platforms: Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and even Linkedin are becoming increasingly visual. Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine revolve entirely around visuals.

2. Visuals get all the attention

They stand out. If you want to make an impact, you need to first be seen — then people can be led to the deeper information they seek.

3. Visuals are like fast food, only healthier

Snackable content — visuals are easier and quicker to understand than text. Visuals are the perfect “meals-on-the-go” and our brains think in terms of images. If you think of a circle, you don’t think of its textual definition — you think of a picture of a circle!

Paul Biedermann, visual content, visual marketing, SMA

Paul Biedermann of re:DESIGN

4. We love to share visuals

If you include an image with your online postings, you’ll receive 120-180% more engagement. Photos are twice as likely to be shared on Facebook than text-based posts. If people like what they see, they’ll share and further promote your content. 

5. Visuals have the ability to shake us to our core

Images, like symbols, stay in your mind. Interesting facts: 93% of communications is nonverbal, and 65% of us are visual learners.

6. Visuals are the gateway to deeper understanding

Visuals are the key that open the door to people becoming emotionally invested in your content.

7. First impressions are the first step to lasting impressions

Out attention span is now down to about 3–8 seconds — visuals help capture someone’s attention in those first few seconds.

8. Visuals make us happy

We are naturally attracted to beauty, positivity and humor. Visuals are also trusted and remembered.

9. Visuals make us do stuff

They influence us to do things we might not otherwise do — often without us even being aware of it.

10. Visuals are… visible

Visuals communicate well, even on very small screen sizes such as a mobile phone. It’s important to tailor your images to work best and maximize visibility for each social platform — some work better horizontally, others vertically.

11. Visuals are universal

They cross language barriers — so visuals can be an important business weapon in a global economy. Visuals and symbols are universally understood.

12. Visuals clarify

Visuals direct us where to go on websites, highlight important content and guide us along the superinformation highway. In short, visuals show us the way. Understanding the power of the visual, along with a smart visual strategy, will help your business get the attention it deserves.

Featured image courtesy of stock.xchng. Slideshow/photo illustrations: Paul Biedermann, re:DESIGN. Event photo by Sharyn O’Mara.

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