Buying In To Social Media In The Non-Profit World

Pictured: Moderator Donna Rivera-Downey, Panelists Maria Coscia-Montanez, Aimee Keegan, and Melissa Sorvillo

We all know that social media has become a way of life, but what you may not know is how important is has become for those companies whose missions aren’t defined by the bottom line.

On May 22nd, 2019 The Social Media Association was happy to welcome a cast of experts who work in the non-profit sector. Aimee Keegan of ACLD, Melissa Sorvillo of the Long Island’s Children Museum, and Maria Coscia-Montanez of Zimmerman/Edelson Inc., shared their insights and experiences as they navigate the social media world for their respective companies.

Those in attendance learned how important it is to know your audience, including specific demographics, in order to choose the right programs to attract and engage your followers. For non-profit companies, it’s not enough just to get “likes” on your posts or page, it is more about using social media as another way to grow support for what is being done at the respective company. Fundraising is key for non-profit companies and boosting social media posts is a good way to gain support as these companies can spend a little extra money to ensure that the message of the fundraiser gets across to their social media following. When involved in a fundraising campaign, the three panelists recommended boosting social media posts that don’t have much action in order to bring the post back to the forefront of people’s newsfeeds.

Coupled with that, another important aspect for non-profits is the buy-in from the company’s board members. In order to build and run a successful social media presence, the panelists describe how board members should do their best to be engaged. This includes liking, following, sharing posts and other content. A simple sharing of a post can go a long way in promoting and increasing awareness. Other ways to build an audience base and boost visibility is to create a hashtag and have the board members use the hashtag on their own pages.

It’s the little things that non-profits can do in order to achieve simple successes and spread the purpose of the organization.

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