Why Are People So Addicted To Social Media?

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? If you haven’t already, you should check out “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. The documentary explores the human impact of social networking, with experts in the tech field warning how addiction and privacy breaches are actually features of the social media sites, rather than bugs or glitches.  […]

Twitter Blue Checks Beware!

If you were on Twitter on Wednesday, you probably noticed some unusual tweets from some of the world’s biggest names. Former President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and Kanye West were among some of the individuals that had their accounts hacked in the worst security breach in Twitter’s 14 year history.  In this massive […]

Social Media Can Tell The Whole Story

Have you ever been hooked on a good book, movie, television show, podcast, etc? What is it about these things that can make them so addicting, leaving us always wanting more? It’s all about THE STORY! A good story is what grabs us and pulls us in.  It is no different with social media. How […]

Staying up to date in social media, even during a pandemic

This certainly wasn’t your typical Social Media Association event. As the world is in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Social Media Association decided it should still find a way to bring people together. Virtually. And on Wednesday morning, that’s exactly what happened. The Social Media Association organized a free online webinar on Zoom […]

Instagram to Release “In Memoriam” Feature

There doesn’t seem to be a single area of the world that COVID-19 hasn’t affected, social media included. Given the current climate of today’s world, Instagram has bolstered their efforts to release an account memorialization feature. Similar to Facebook that has already had an account memorialization feature in their social media platform for years, Instagram […]

Think Before You Post

A recent court ruling may have you reconsider posting that Instagram picture. Before you press send, just remember that you may lose your rights to the picture. A court case featuring Stephanie Spencer, a photographer, and Ziff Davis and Mashable, an online news company, brought up an issue of copyright infringement over one of Spencer’s […]

SMA Holiday Party

New and long-time friends came together to cap off the holidays and ring in the new year. The SMA holiday celebration this year was held at T.O.A. Asian Fusion in Farmingdale. From business owners to marketing professionals, a diverse group of individuals found themselves discussing current trends in the social media industry. Social media tips […]

Our Legal Experts Provide An UpLIFTing Experience

Anyone in attendance at the Social Media Association’s latest event certainly had their expertise LIFTed. On Wednesday November 13 following a breakfast and mingling, a group of firm marketers formed a panel and put together an informative conversation called “Social Media’s Heavy LIFT for Lawyers and Law Firms” at RXR Plaza in Uniondale, organized by […]

Learning about LinkedIn Video and LinkedIn Live

In continuing with our webinar series, the professional networking site, LinkedIn is up next. On October 15th, 2019 Beth Granger presented “LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Video” which provided some great tips in navigating through these two platforms. For those new to these platforms, LinkedIn Video is creating a video elsewhere, and directly uploading it to LinkedIn. […]

Everything Instagram

With around 100 million photos shared every day it is no surprise that the Social Media Association kicked off its webinar series with the social media giant, Instagram. On Thursday, August 19th, SMA’s first webinar entitled, Everything Instagram, was led by Hilary Topper, President & CEO of HJMT PR.   People love taking and viewing […]