Why Your Business Needs to Get Visual

Paul Biedermann, Creative Director/Owner of re:DESIGN and SMA Board Member, spoke to us about the importance of using visuals in our online business communications. Never have they been more effective, during these busy, distracted, hyper-engaged lives we are all leading. What do we mean by visuals? Photographs, videos, slideshows, infographics, illustrations, quote graphics, memes, and animations — […]

New LinkedIn “Privacy Policy:” Be Careful Where You Click

LinkedIn contains a wealth of important information about business people and is a source of personal and corporate self-marketing. Many people who use LinkedIn do not even associate it with social media — it is so unlike Facebook and Instagram in that it does not have the sense of immediacy and intimacy that is the attraction, as well […]

Social Media and Everything Legal Presentation

These days, nearly every company utilizes social media in one form or another.  Even the local funeral home is vying for Facebook “likes.” Although it is fun, social media is serious business.  Did you know that every “tweet” is curated at the Library of Congress? Attorney Paul Rubell of Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein & Breitstone gave […]

Facebook’s Data Collection Policy: Giving Away Your Private Information

Thousands of companies that provide internet services systematically and purposely collect confidential information belonging to every person who uses their web platforms. Social media, search engines, mobile apps and games — all of these ask for, collect, maintain, and in some instances re-distribute personal information about their users. Facebook recently confirmed its dark side when […]