Celebrating Social Media Day (Eve!) with the Councilman

While SMA members, family and friends enjoyed a nice evening out celebrating Social Media Day (Eve) at Baldino’s Restaurant in Plainview, they also got the opportunity to listen to Councilman Louis B. Imbroto from the Town of Oyster Bay. The Councilman kindly presented Social Media Association with a proclamation as a part of the celebration. During his presentation, Councilman Imbroto spoke to the group about social media and how it allows people like himself to be more responsive to his constituents.

“Social media has changed the political landscape in amazing ways. It’s an incredible tool that we can use to get our message out” says Imbroto. He talks about how there are specific governmental social media accounts as well as political social media accounts. The governmental social media accounts focus in on non-political issues. These social media accounts are used for governmental purposes such as to showcase town employees and town programs.

While, the political social media accounts work a little differently. The goal of these social media accounts is to promote their initiatives. Councilman Imbroto says in these accounts they try and get their narrative and their message out. He does mention that it is always difficult to walk the fine line of being active on social media and then putting a target on your back, especially in regard to political issues.

Overall, the Councilman says social media is a great way for people to communicate with their elected officials to address their concerns. Imbroto hopes to create and implement something similar to Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano’s Nassau Now app for the Town of Oyster Bay.

This was the Social Media Association’s fourth consecutive year celebrating this special day of recognition together. Be on the lookout for the next Social Media Association event.

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