Discover LI Spills The Tea On The Latest In Social Media

If you’re on social media, there’s a good chance you follow accounts that post content about food, travel, or the latest tips you should know. We follow these accounts because they create an emotional reaction and help spark new ideas for the audience. How many times have you seen a food dish be made on social media in a matter of seconds and then tried to recreate that receipt yourself? Or how many times have you seen a destination on your social media timeline and then decided to take a trip there yourself? We love to discover new things as companies love to make that connection with their audience. 

Recently, the Social Media Association welcomed Kristen Reynolds, President and CEO of Discover Long Island. to discuss more about how people like positive messaging and how her company thrives off of that. She spoke about how everything her company does on social media is strategic and planned out and it has proved to be an effective strategy as they recently won an award for “Best Social Media Campaign” by U.S. Travel Association.

In particular, Discover Long Island has hit the road with their new Long Island TV series which takes people on a weekly road trip adventure showcasing all of the experiences that Long Island has to offer. They also have the Long Island Tea Podcast which spills the tea on the latest destination, adventures, tips around the island.

They create these social media channels with the goal of interacting and connecting with people and it is working. Recently, Discover Long Island has seen their TikTok audience grow and Reynolds says that the new social media app is an easy way to get engagement with a younger and more vibrant audience. They aren’t creating the usual dancing content that you would see on TikTok, but they still keep their social media consistent, fun, and trendy so their audience stays engaged. 

Once you build a solid foundation of followers, Reynolds spoke about how her company took the next step and started offering merchandise. It was discussed how if people follow and like your content, they will probably buy your merchandise. She mentioned how smooth of a process it was to set up the page and how easy it is to purchase with the popular e-commerce platform, Shopify. 

So next time you’re looking for somewhere new to go on Long Island, or you’re looking to find your next adventure, make sure you check out Discover Long Island on social media! 

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