Here’s Why You Should Be on Clubhouse

Have you heard about the new invitation-only audio-chat social media platform Clubhouse? If you haven’t, you have now! 

Even if you haven’t heard of Clubhouse until now, there is still plenty of time to get on (once you receive an invitation from someone) and get involved. Clubhouse is in the gold rush stage where everyone is rushing in to get in from the start and get a piece of the content pie. 

Recently the Social Media Association hosted a webinar “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Clubhouse” which discussed all things Clubhouse and answered attendees’ questions as we all try to navigate this new and fast-growing social media platform. The webinar was led by social media experts, Billy Samoa Saleeby who is an entrepreneur, podcast host, and award-winning filmmaker (Rolling), A.V. Perkins who is a DIY expert and creator of, and moderated by Beth Granger who is the CEO of Beth Granger Consulting and the Vice-President of the Social Media Association. 

Obviously, there have been other social media platforms that have gained hype and fizzled out (Myspace, Vine, Google Plus), but that shouldn’t stop you from being on Clubhouse. The overwhelming thought shared by the panelists is to take a risk and spend time on the platform. They discussed how now is the time to push this new platform to see what it can do for you. 

Similar to other social media platforms that you may be using, it is important to experiment and test on the platform to see what works and what doesn’t. You could create planned discussions centering on topics such as current events, entertainment, or sports or create off-the-cuff discussions like talking to your followers as you walk around your neighborhood. The ideas are limitless, and you never know who might show up in one of your rooms. Celebrities such as Barbara Corcoran, Elon Musk, and Daymond John to name a few have already made their presence known on the platform sharing their expertise with those who will listen.   

Like any other social media platform, Clubhouse should be used consistently as a medium to engage in conversations and build real relationships. That will allow you to use this platform as a way to help promote your other social media accounts and maybe even get some new business out of it. Pro tip: create your bio with a call to action link for your listeners. 

As for the future of Clubhouse, there are plenty of roads that the platform could explore. Our panelists discussed how maybe a partnership with LinkedIn could be in the cards? It would certainly make sense as the networking and connections developed on Clubhouse could translate to the professional networking application. Another option for Clubhouse is to become the Netflix for audio content. To monetize the platform, it wouldn’t be a shock to our panelists if there was a monthly subscription that would allow individuals and businesses to continue using the platform. 

The Clubhouse world is your oyster, so go explore and listen away!

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