How Webinars Can Inspire Your Audience

We’ve all been on countless Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams webinars over the past 7 or 8 months, and let’s face it, not all of them have been that exciting. While they may have been boring in the past, that doesn’t mean that they have to be that way going forward. Many presenters are unaware that they can make small tweaks to their webinars to get more out of them and avoid just being a talking head.

Those in attendance for “The Best Ways To Use Webinars” learned from Jason Fladlien who is the Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rapid Crush Inc., about how to make these small changes and get better engagement from their audience.

Although many people may think that they need to go above and beyond to create compelling and impressive webinars, it is actually the small things that can make all the difference. By creating small wins as a presenter, you will soon find that they will result in bigger wins. It can be as simple as looking your viewers in the eyes, rather than off-camera, that make your audience feel like you’re talking to them, rather than at them. Just like in person, people like to be looked in the eyes when someone is talking to them.

Even though we interact more through technology now, we are all still human beings, and we like to connect with others. We like the feeling of accomplishment and acknowledgement. Presenters that provide that sense of reward to their audience will see a greater involvement. They are able to create a transformational experience in their webinars, rather than just providing information. This is why it is important to better understand who your audience is because you’re better able to fulfill their needs. In order to properly fulfill their needs, you need to make sure that they understand what is being asked of them, and that they feel comfortable in doing it. Once they feel comfortable and open, they can learn and discover so much more. The world is an ever-changing place, and naturally people’s needs will change as well, so it is critical to realize that changes need to be made in webinars to continuously engage the audience.

Creating good content that is compelling is key, rather than just marketing and inviting people to attend your webinar. Those in attendance learned that it is more important to serve a narrow few who will be responsive, rather than trying to recruit the masses.

Like us, Jason is unsure of where webinars are headed in the future, but he is excited for whatever path they will take us down. However, as he discussed and we can all agree, things like a friendly voice and a smile on a webinar will never go out of style.

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