Instagram to Release “In Memoriam” Feature

There doesn’t seem to be a single area of the world that COVID-19 hasn’t affected, social media included. Given the current climate of today’s world, Instagram has bolstered their efforts to release an account memorialization feature. Similar to Facebook that has already had an account memorialization feature in their social media platform for years, Instagram will be looking to follow in their footsteps.

Currently, Facebook even goes as far as allowing you to name someone to manage your account should you die. They have taken massive steps over the last couple of years to improve their memorialization feature, as they now require more documentation to determine that a person is actually deceased. Instagram still has some room for improvement as the platform only offers deceased user’s family members to contact Instagram to have the account memorialized. This will only preserve the account, so it cannot be deleted, aletered, or logged into. 

To support the community during these difficult times, Instagram has pushed the plans to enhance memorialization features of the platform to the forefront. The new feature for the social media giant includes a “Remembering” banner under an individual’s username to acknowledge that the person has died. This process has always been in the works, but there is clearly a growing need to get these features released onto the platform. 

Both Facebook and Instagram look to divert from the path that has been taken by Twitter. In late 2019, Twitter had discussed plans to delete accounts of inactive users in Europe in an attempt to free up usernames. These plans were stonewalled after there were growing concerns that this type of a purge would remove accounts of people who have died and there would be no way to memorialize the accounts. To avoid emotional distress of deceased user’s family members, Twitter would be wise to rethink their strategy.

Although a rush has been put on these plans, Instagram has not yet released when these new features will be put into place.  

Will you designate someone to manage your Facebook or Instagram accounts? Will you discuss it with them?

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