Is Facebook Monitoring your Messenger Texts?

Facebook Messenger is neither secure nor encrypted. Despite Facebook’s marketing of Messenger as a private way to communicate safely, it is not private at all.


First, the encryption claim. Messenger is not as secure as WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage. Facebook’s text product disguises the data in transit while your text message travels through the Internet pipeline from your computer or mobile device to your recipient’s.

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Paul Rubell

Paul is an Equity Partner with business law firm Meltzer, Lippe, Goldstein, and Breitstone, LLP. Paul practices in the firm’s Corporate Law Group, and heads its Social Media and Cloud Computing Groups. He is a trusted advisor to business owners and helps entrepreneurs solve the legal, business, tax, and cash flow issues that confront their companies each day. Paul advises technology companies about software licensing, cloud computing, social media, privacy, technology transfer, intellectual property, and cutting-edge legal and technological innovation. For operating companies, he provides day-to-day legal and business advice, contract review, and strategic planning. Paul also renders sophisticated counsel for extraordinary and liquidity transactions.