Nowadays Checking Social Media 100 Times a Day Is Just #Connecting

Be honest, how many times do you take a selfie before you get it right and send it out? Well according to an article by CNN’s Chuck Hadad, tweens take 100-200 selfies before they “get it right”. Social Media is such an important presence in the lives of these teenagers. They heavily depend on it, a sort of addiction to always being connected to their friends and the world. In the same article, “Why some 13-year-olds check social media 100 times a day” by Hadad, he reveals in a poll that “61% of teens said they wanted to see if their online posts are getting likes and comments”. It is an easy way for teenagers to connect with their friends and families. They can share what they are doing as well as see what other people are doing.

Frequently checking Social Media is a way for teenagers to stay connected to the world and keep up with what is trending. The ability to post on multiple Social Media mediums at one time allows teenagers to express themselves in a whole new way. The feeling of loneliness and emptiness often fills teenager’s minds when they do not have their cell phone, their medium in using Social Media. Not being able to see how many likes your latest Instagram picture got makes teenagers feel lost. Likes and comments help support, affirm and lift up teenager’s self-esteem and more importantly their popularity. For a teenager, their popularity is everything.


As you can see this makes Social Media even more valuable. This is because as the article states Social Media becomes an essential way to reach our younger generation. There is a need to understand how to use Social Media better as well as understanding how young adults use Social Media. Keith Kaplan, Social Media Brand Marketing Product and Operations Lead at IBM will be speaking at an event held by the Social Media Association on October 27th from 8:00 am – 10:00 am at LIFT at 510 Grumman Road West, in Bethpage. He will speak about these issues and he will offer great insight on how to engage and reach out to the millennium generation and adapt to their changing behavior. For more information on this event, visit

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