Our Legal Experts Provide An UpLIFTing Experience

Pictured: Panelists Tricia McCoy, Edie Reinhardt, Sharyn O’Mara, Ellen Christie, and Moderator Andrea Jones

Anyone in attendance at the Social Media Association’s latest event certainly had their expertise LIFTed.

On Wednesday November 13 following a breakfast and mingling, a group of firm marketers formed a panel and put together an informative conversation called “Social Media’s Heavy LIFT for Lawyers and Law Firms” at RXR Plaza in Uniondale, organized by the Social Media Association. The acronym ‘LIFT’ stood for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter — four of the most popular current social media platforms.

Now, you may be asking yourself how social media plus lawyers and law firms could fit hand-in-hand. But the experienced panelists, consisting of Edie Reinhardt (RDT Content Marketing LLC), Ellen Christie (Marketing and Communications Director for the Pegalis Law Group), Sharyn O’Mara (Director of Communications at the Great Neck-based Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C), Tricia McCoy (Director of Marketing at Kaufman Dolowich & Voluck) with moderator Andrea Jones (Marketing Manager of Rivkin Radler LLP, a Uniondale-based law firm), shared and explained how they are able to make the most of social media to help their firms.

You may not find too many lawyers posting selfies or serving as influencers, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a productive way for lawyers, firms and their clients to connect through social media. The panelists explained there are still opportunities to enhance your personal brand, build comradery, educate consumers, storytell and take advantage of both personal and business opportunities in the field through social media. 

And also, there are many similarities whether you are working for a law firm or just posting for a personal brand.

For example, Reinhardt reminded the attendees, “You have to know where your audience is.” In part, this means once you establish which platform gives you the best return and gets interactions from the audience you are looking for, that’s the one to focus most of your time on — rather than trying to cover all four.

LinkedIn was a popular platform discussed by the panelists. As what is widely considered the most professional of the four LIFT social medias, firm marketers can send out their message in a clear and productive manner to those in their target audience through LinkedIn.

McCoy works for a large firm with a presence in different markets throughout the country. With this, she is able to best see which employees bring the most interactions on their personal social media pages, and she can plan campaigns around them. 

Graphics are also integral to the success of a social media post, regardless of the platform. Two helpful and affordable graphic design options the panelists featured are Canva and Pexels, which provides stock photos either free or for a small charge. For videos, Animoto was a popular suggestion.

The overall consensus after an informative thought provoking round table discussion was regardless of what your profession, social media plays a pivotal role in getting your message out, whether it’s to find new clients or education the ones you already have. And successful law firms have embraced that and witnessed the positive results.  – Owen O’Brien

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