Social Media Agencies Share Their Expertise

Whether you’re just starting out in the social media field or you have a few years under your belt, it is a good idea to periodically evaluate your social media strategy to see where you stand and see where your efforts can be improved. A good way to improve on your own efforts is to learn from others in the field who have had success, and translate it into your own work. That is exactly what the latest Social Media Association webinar did for those in attendance as they hosted “The Agencies Speak: Tips and Best Practices to Up Your Social Media Game”. The webinar was led by Yasemin Tuzun, Team Lead at Whispr Group, Steven Schopp, Director at Didit, and Tina Kim, Chief Marketing Officer, Unicorn Puff

Those in attendance learned from the panelists about how to post on social media no matter your budget size. Even if your social media budget is small or nonexistent, it shouldn’t deter you from posting on social media. Regardless of your budget, the idea is to stay consistent and one of the ways our panelists suggested to do this is to create a content calendar. This allows you to create content ahead of time and plan out your days and weeks in order to cater your posts to your audience and the platform. 

On the other hand, if your company has a budget dedicated to social media, our panelists shared how it is better to spread the wealth with that money rather than putting it all in one basket. The idea here is if you have a $50 budget you’re better off spending $5 to boost 10 different posts, rather than using all of the money to boost one post. Then afterwards you can track your results to see which of your posts performed better, and how you can learn from that and adjust your strategy going forward.  

When looking at your own strategy it is just as important to learn about what you shouldn’t be doing with your social media. One of the bigger takeaways from the panelists was to not spam your followers. You should avoid producing content that consistently tries to sell them, and you may see yourself lose followers if you do. Another way to see yourself lose followers is to over post or under post on social media. You need to walk the delicate line in social media and determine what is best for your audience. 

You know that old cliché about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes? The same can be applied to your social media audience. In order to better understand your audience, it helps to think about what they want to see and what they ultimately want to get out of your social media. Our panelists spoke about how you should provide something valuable to your followers, whether it be programs, best practices, or just something interesting for them to see while scrolling. 

A common mistake that the panelists addressed is that some people feel that their company needs to be on every social media platform. However, our panelists shared that you don’t need to be on every social media platform, rather you should do research on where your target audience spends their time so you can focus your time on how to reach them on that platform. 

Finally, our panelists finished off by answering questions from those in attendance to better address some of the specific challenges they face on a daily basis. 

We invite everyone to join us on June 30th for Social Media Day 2021. Be sure to stay tuned on social media for more details! 

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