I’ve attended terrific events and thought “Why isn’t this place more crowded?” too many times. Whether this is a concert, lecture, sporting event or just a community event in a park, it’s always left me with the same confused and dumbfounded expression.

The reason more often than not is very simple – nobody knew about it.

On Tuesday May 17 at Greenway Plaza in Melville, New York, Hilary Topper, CEO of HJMT Public Relations and Chief Curator at HJMT Media Company, spoke in an event held by the Social Media Association.

Topper’s main points centered around the NY TRI EXPO at Citi Field, which consisted of workshops and presentations from some of the top marathon and triathlon participants and product brands in the area. It encouraged beginners and experts to learn about triathlons before participating in their first or their 100th race. Topper started the event and served as show producer.

But a great idea isn’t enough. Without people showing up to the event, it can feel like a wasted opportunity. Topper knew this. That’s why she attacked from all angles to get the NY TRI EXPO to people’s attention.

Topper started with her blog, “A Triathlete’s Diary.” From there, she posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, blogs – nearly every social media outlet you can think of – to get the word out. She said her main goal was that nobody could say they didn’t know the event was going on.

And that’s what it takes – constantly being in people’s newsfeed. Everyone has that friend – or 10 friends – that dominate the Facebook feed by sharing events and invitations. That was Topper. When you see an event that many times, it gets shared with others and raises interest.

Topper used websites, SEO keywords, blogs, email and direct mail marketing, public relation tactics and radio to get word out about the event.

And boy did it work.

More than 2,000 people showed up to the March event. There were 70 exhibitors and sponsors and more than 75 percent of the 500 people surveyed gave positive feedback after the event.

Marketing has changed like everything else in the past decade. There are more platforms than ever and it’s important to hit them all as often as possible to get your message across. There’s nothing worse than a great opportunity that goes unnoticed and in order to avoid that, it’s vital to know how to get your message out there.

And this idea goes for more than events. Businesses can use these strategies to attract new long-term clients or one-stop shoppers. Topper used social media to share a story to create an event. That can be done for an event, a new store or expansion.

A good idea can only be great through presentation. Nowadays, that presentation goes beyond one marketing strategy. It’s important to know how to get your message out to the masses. Hilary Topper knows that and it’s important you and your company knows it, too.

-Owen O’Brien

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