Social Media Can Tell The Whole Story

Have you ever been hooked on a good book, movie, television show, podcast, etc? What is it about these things that can make them so addicting, leaving us always wanting more? It’s all about THE STORY! A good story is what grabs us and pulls us in. 

It is no different with social media. How many times have you stopped scrolling through your newsfeed when you came across an interesting post? Chances are what made the post so interesting was the story behind it. 

Those in attendance for Social Media Storytelling led by Tracey Seggara, hosted by the Social Media Association, learned all about how important a good story can be.  

It was discussed how social media allows individuals and businesses to create a conversation with their audience. If they want more clicks, comments, and clients, they should be able to tell good stories. At the heart of a good story is the emotion that you feel when you read it.  Emotional stories are what moves people, and people are hard-wired to listen to good stories. We love the ups and downs that good storytelling gives us. A good story often brings us conflict or tension, vulnerability, a revelation, change, and last but not least an unforgettable moment.

In the same way, businesses and entrepreneurs can build their businesses by telling a story. Businesses and entrepreneurs alike are competing with millions of other content out there, so a good story is what separates them from the pack and leaves a lasting impression. The ability to get your audience to stop and pay attention is key. Otherwise, you have already lost your audience. 

Seggara in her presentation mentioned Humans of New York and how their compelling stories allow people to tell their own stories. She explained how businesses can follow this example and let their clients tell their own stories. This adds the personal touch that will allow clients to open up and continue a solid working relationship going forward.

Get those creative juices flowing and tell your own story!

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