Social Media is Music to our Ears

There wasn’t any music playing in our superb meeting space, but the house certainly was packed for a great show at D’Addario and Company Inc. in Farmingdale, the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instrument accessories. The crowd heard from two social media rock stars as the conversation centered around strategies and trends specific to the manufacturing industry. Following networking and breakfast, D’Addario and Company’s Social Media Strategist Keylee Fletcher and ClearVision Optical’s Marketing Specialist Amanda Booth “took the stage” with moderator Beth Granger, SMA Vice President and Secretary.

The panelists and moderator drummed up insightful discussions about how sometimes it is better to educate your social media followers, rather than sell to them. Amanda Booth spoke about how each industry is different, but for her, it is better to provide educational content to engage followers. Each social media platform has different functions, but they all join in bringing people closer together. Keylee Fletcher uses this in her social media work to enable followers to feel as though they are a part of a community. Even though at the end of the day the goal is to sell products, bringing your followers together allows you to better tap into their mindset and get a better idea of what their needs are. Both panelists agree that the conversations are happening whether you’re on social media or not, so even though each platform has different requirements, it is best to have a presence on each.

Additionally, you should be creative with your content. Depending on the platform, this can be done with pictures, videos, hash tags and contests. Amanda Booth mentioned a “Dilly Dally” contest where ClearVision encourages people to send in pictures using a specific hashtag. This gets followers involved and allows them to promote your content on their own social media pages. By having them share your content, you are increasing your businesses’ outreach, with the potential to generate new customers. To further develop your businesses’ product, Keylee Fletcher mentioned how it is best to mimic your own personal preferences, when deciding to purchase a product and then applying that to your business. Although there are still challenges in identifying what is directly making the sale, both panelists agree that the role of social media is to be a tool for engagement and get the customer to the all-important point of purchase.

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