Social Networking Review: Keek

KeekIf you thought Vine (a Twitter video sharing tool) was pretty awesome, you will think that Keek, a new social networking site that is primarily video based, rocks!

I joined Keek the other day after getting an email from one of my employees saying, “Check this out. It’s a new social site.”  (I think my staff knows by now that if it’s new, I want to check it out!)

It was relatively easy to sign up.   I also downloaded the app on my iPhone. I figured that I would use it more on my iPhone than my desktop, but you never know.

Keek does several different things.  You can make your Keek (video) private and just send to one person or you can make it public and integrate it with your existing Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Once you sign up, you can create a profile page with a photo, your name, birthday, gender, location and description in 444 characters or less. Since I’m accustomed to Twitter, I keep my profile to 140 characters or less.

You can view others Keeks or you can just view Keeks of those you follow.  There are a lot of famous people already using this site including Kendall Jenner with 1.4 million followers; Kim Kardashian with 1.2 million followers; and Khloe Kardashian with 180,000 followers.

A Keek user can check out the most viewed videos, the latest Keeks, Klusters (which are Keeks using hash tags), Top 100 Keeks and Who to follow (you need to start following people in order for others to follow you).  Keek also offers you featured users to follow.

To follow people on Keek, you can also set the criteria.  I set it to follow people in their thirties and up who live in the US, who are funny, entertaining and informative.  In return, I had more than 100 people to follow.

What’s cool about this site is it’s international.  There are people all over the world in dozens of countries using Keek.

So what is a Keek and how do you do it?

A Keek is a video that you make.  You have 36 seconds to film something and then post it on Keek and your other social sites to build awareness. On both the iPhone (or Android) and the desktop, you click on the green button.  Once you do that, you’re filming.  After several seconds, the filming stops and your Keek is done.  You can tag it or you can use a headline to describe what it is and then post it on your social networking sites.

The beauty of this site is that people can comment and interact with you.  It’s a great site to build relationships and awareness for your brand.

I would recommend using it and if I were you, I might join. Just don’t forget to subscribe to me at Hilary25!

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Hilary Topper

President at HJMT
Hilary Topper is President of HJMT Communications, the public relations, social media, event planning and graphic design agency. Today, HJMT has three office locations — one in Melville, Long Island; one on Madison Avenue and 57th Street in New York City; and one in Rochester, New York. Hilary is a leader in the public relations and social media industry. Her experience includes working at top PR agencies such as Ogilvy & Mather PR, Hill, Holiday/PR, and Ruder Finn/PR. Hilary handled nationally recognized accounts including Prestone II antifreeze; American Community Gardening Association; Clairol, Inc.; Kinder-Care Learning Centers Inc.; Jell-O; and GLAD Wrap Bags. She also worked as the Director of Public Relations and Development for two non-profit organizations in New York City.