Should You Use a Live Twitter Stream at Your Next Event?

It’s cool to have a live stream at your big event. But what happens if something inappropriate gets posted during the event? That’s exactly what happened during this year’s NYC’s Fashion Week. Designer, Rebecca Minkoff decided to incorporated a large screen to showcase tweets while her fashion show was taking place. When a Buzzfeed staff […]

Social Networking Review: Keek

If you thought Vine (a Twitter video sharing tool) was pretty awesome, you will think that Keek, a new social networking site that is primarily video based, rocks! I joined Keek the other day after getting an email from one of my employees saying, “Check this out. It’s a new social site.”  (I think my […]

What’s Your Klout Score?

Klout gets so much controversy. Many marketers use it to find influencers in the community. However, there are a handful of people who are in the social media/marketing field who think the sites are a complete waste of time. Whatever your thoughts about using a site to measure influence, engagement and followers, are beside the […]

Got Design?

Design. All important and all critical to the success of your business. Design as function, that is. Design that makes sense of what your business needs to say and how best to say it. Design that establishes a content hierarchy so navigation is efficient and intuitive, allowing people to find what they need without extra […]

Are you on Pinterest yet?

You may or may not like the way Barak Obama runs this country, but one thing we can all agree on is that he and his staff know how to run a successful social media campaign. Just look at what he did four years ago – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogging. He set the stage for […]

Hurricane Sandy Inspires a Social Media Storm

The storm came and then it was gone. In its wake, plenty of destruction to go around for everyone. Here in Long Island, N.Y., neither the North or South Shores were spared the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. The hilly North Shore had countless trees crushing homes, cars and electrical wires; the South Shore had severe […]