On Tuesday March 1, the Social Media Association held “Harnessing the Power of Video and Live-Streaming,” a web seminar at the Long Island Forum for Technology (LIFT) in Bethpage with about 30 in attendance and over 100 people watching online through Blab. Blab, one of the newer video services available was demonstrated.  One of its many features is the ability to have  multiple people on screen at once having a conversation with viewers.  The viewer can interact via chat, social media and by giving “props.”

After a breakfast and in-person interaction, guests turned their attention to a screen. The “panelists” didn’t need to be driven or flown in. They opened their laptop, positioned themselves in front of a webcam and conversed at their convenience.

Blab video service is an example of video streaming. Rather than putting on a big production, everything is live and usually only uses one camera. There aren’t multiple angles or editing. It’s the truest form of reality one could receive from a computer.

The authenticity of the presentation is the biggest difference between live-streaming and edited videos found on Facebook and Twitter. Streaming isn’t perfect. There are lags, connection difficulties, but it’s live – exactly like life. Big video productions are great, useful and expensive. When determining which method to use, it’s important to know your market.

The differences between streaming and video was the main topic for the panel of experts, We were joined by Chad Abbott, Christopher Barrows, Ross Brand, Meloney Hall and Vicenzo Landino via Blab. Locally Beth Granger was the moderator and she was joined by Keith Reynolds from his Office in the Blab space.

Some of the points discussed were; when do you live stream with Periscope or Blab? What about Snapchat? Facebook video? Which is better for which circumstance?

The clear answer was that one isn’t inherently better than the other. Ideally, if you can utilize both, that helps deliver a more complete message for your audience. Live shots can capture the authenticity of back stage scenes before a big event, or crowd shots in a concert. If you are looking to sell a music video or an important message to a customer base, you want that large production with great editing.

“The story is the most important thing,” said Chad Abbott, Managing Partner at Abbson LLC.

And that’s exactly what today’s video services emphasize – the story. Celebrities can tell their story’s directly to the public via Snapchat. Professional athletes have launched web sites to write their own stories. Companies hold meetings on opposite sides of the world.

Now small stores or large corporations can utilize the same resources. The platforms have changed, but the stories remain the same. Room capacities are becoming a thing of the past. All you need is a cell phone and wireless Internet, and you can find out just about anything you want with as many people as you want. – Owen O’Brien

Watch the video from the event here!

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