“They Don’t Buy What You Do, They Buy How You Do It”

Blog Title Credit to Nicholas Renna, Lessings, Inc.

Let’s be honest, have you taken a picture of a good-looking meal, an activity you’re doing while on vacation, or an award you got at work? Let’s also be honest, how many times did that same picture end up on Instagram? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you’re probably “doing it for the gram”. This phrase has become a common one in our lives and if you don’t already know, “doing it for the gram” means doing things in your life so you can take pictures and show it off on Instagram.

While Instagram may be young, it is here to stay. Businesses “do it for the gram” too. On March 8, the Social Media Association hosted “Service Industry Uses Social Media and Digital Strategies to Rise Up” at New York Life in Melville. After a nice dinner and some lively conversation, Nicholas Renna from Lessings Inc., Marissa Jacobs from WordHampton PR, and Neil Foster creator of Foodie Card spoke about the various social media platforms and the strategies that each of them use to gauge their specific audience.

Those in attendance learned that social media is such a valuable tool for businesses because it is an engaging way to get the customer involved. Nicholas Renna from Lessings shared a story about how during the Christmas season, his company offered “12 Days of Christmas” deals which offered customers a different discount for each day. This encourages customers to come back on multiple occasions to reap the benefits of each the deals. The promotion was run through their social media channels and it proved to be very successful.

Social media is continuing to evolve, and it is important to be familiar with all of the different platforms. Marissa Jacobs of WordHampton PR explained how businesses should “have a presence within each platform” and “consistency is key”. It is about gauging what your customers want and then capturing their attention to give it to them.

It’s not just about the message of the business anymore, it’s how the business presents the message to the customer. The three panelists agree that video is hot right now and these social media platforms are weighing texts with pictures a lot more than posts with just text. The goal for businesses is to capture the attention of the user in the first 3 seconds, so the best way to do this is with a picture or an enticing video. For example, Facebook has even gone as far as playing videos automatically. So, whether or not you want to see that cute dog video that your friend just shared, Facebook will do its best to make sure you watch it.

Many also believe that LinkedIn is a social media platform for job seekers or recruiters. Panelist Neil Foster of Foodie Card shares his experience with LinkedIn and how it is a very valuable tool. “I spend 12 hours a day on LinkedIn” Foster tells the audience. His business has flourished using social media platforms, including LinkedIn. It is about knowing your audience and when they are most likely to be engaged in your business. Keeping close attention to audience engagement can go a long way for a business.

Everyone is on the look out for the next social media platform, but until then keep “doing it for the gram”.

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