Think Before You Post

A recent court ruling may have you reconsider posting that Instagram picture. Before you press send, just remember that you may lose your rights to the picture. A court case featuring Stephanie Spencer, a photographer, and Ziff Davis and Mashable, an online news company, brought up an issue of copyright infringement over one of Spencer’s pictures. 

Like many of us Spencer believed that her Instagram profile and the pictures she posts on there to be only for her use. She should be able to choose who uses her pictures and where they end up, right?

Well not quite. 

An April court decision ruled that Ziff Davis and Mashable did not violate any copyright laws when they embedded Spencer’s post. 

You know that box you check when you download an app? Or the paragraphs and paragraphs of information you scroll through and hit “I agree”? Although it may seem like nothing, what you are agreeing to is the apps terms and conditions, and in this case, the right to your images. 

We live in an ever changing world in which social media and online laws continue to evolve. This is all new territory for everyone, so this decision may set a new standard going forward. So before you post that next Instagram picture or any social media post for that matter, just know you may give up your right to it. They say that the Internet is forever, but your rights to your posts may not be.

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