Twitter Blue Checks Beware!

If you were on Twitter on Wednesday, you probably noticed some unusual tweets from some of the world’s biggest names. Former President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, and Kanye West were among some of the individuals that had their accounts hacked in the worst security breach in Twitter’s 14 year history. 

In this massive cyberattack, these verified accounts were promoting a bitcoin scam that ended up netting the hackers around $120,000. The scam led Twitter to take drastic action as they ended up blocking new tweets from every verified user, whether they were compromised or not, in addition to locking all of those accounts that were compromised.

It is still widely unknown what exactly happened as Twitter and lawmakers are digging into the security breach. It does appear that Twitter’s systems are quite vulnerable as it was determined that mid-level employees have powerful access to internal systems and tools, which as we can see if end up in the wrong hands, can have its consequences and be quite costly. 

Even having all of the money in the world can’t save your social media accounts from a cyberattack as evidenced by the richest people in the world being involved in the scam. However, it does appear that there is an extra layer of security for a particular Twitter account, President Donald Trump. It is reported that the President’s Twitter account has special protections in place following prior incidents in 2017 where there was an attempt to deactivate his account. It is not reported as to whether the hackers attempted to gain control of his account in this recent scam. 

While the general population was not involved in this particular scam, it does show how vulnerable our social media accounts can be to a hacker. Be sure to stay alert and safe online. Also, if a celebrity billionaire is advertising that they are giving away free money only if you send in money, it is probably too good to be true, so make sure you think before you click! 

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