Using Visuals in Social Media Posts: Present and Future


We have become spoiled.

Consumers want more.

We want more out of a campaign. We want images that stand out. We want visuals we can discuss with our friends and co-workers.

Think about some of the marketing campaigns that have stuck with you. Are they something you read? Or something you saw, whether it be a picture or a video?

There’s a good chance you can remember a combination of the two options, but more and more, companies and consumers are moving toward visual campaigns, and it should come as no surprise.

People want imagery. People want creativity. People want something new.

            This has opened the doors to people with the ability to think differently.

            If a company wants to stand out, the mundane just won’t cut it. Just look at the “Using Visuals in Social Media: Present and Future” event put together by the Social Media Association at Five Towns College October 2.    

            After a breakfast and mingling, the seminar began, but it was anything but your typical symposium. In Five Towns College’s impressive TV studio, there were lights, multiple cameras and even a Facebook Live streaming of the event in a professional environment.

            It was like being on the set of a movie, or talk show, and the conversation was just as insightful.

            The panelists, consisting of Donna Rivera-Downey (Chief Marketing Officer, Girl Scouts of Nassau County), Christine Sammarco (Senior Account Executive, Zimmerman Edelson), Hilary Topper (CEO, HJMT Public Relations Inc.) and Paul Lipsky (Chairperson of Interactive Computer Graphics, Five Towns College), with moderator Beth Granger (CEO, Beth Granger Consulting) engaged in a deep discussion with a question and answer period addressing how important visuals are in social media and brand development.

“Not one platform’s going to do the job for you,” Rivera-Downey said.

The question is never “How does Twitter make my company better?” or “How does Instagram make my company better?” The question should be “How does Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all the other social media outlets working together help increase my brand?”

And the answer largely has to do with visuals. Videos have a powerful way of sticking with people, whether it draws an emotional, humorous, or dramatic response. Depending on your need in the moment, you can put together a quick video on your phone, or if it’s something you’d like to prominently feature, it can be worth it to invest in a professional company.  

Storytelling is a very productive way to generate a response. The use of interactive and engaging media can make the consumer feel like a part of the experience, which helps for a personal connection and investment in a particular product.

Many of the most successful commercial campaigns have revolved around a story. Whether it’s family spending time together, friends at a sporting event, or kids playing a game, the best advertisements tell a story and evokes a feeling.  

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video may be worth 100,000. And the feelings and connections behind those words could make all the difference in the end. – Owen O’Brien

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