What Does Google Glass Do?

Google Glass

I picked up my Google Glass a week ago.  Since then, I have barely taken them off!  When I went to Blogher ‘13, many of the attendees asked me to try them out.  Others asked me what they do.  Everyone was curious and excited about the possibilities.

Here’s what you can do with Glass:

  • Take a photo – you can take a photo of anything, anywhere but you can’t be too far away because there is no telephoto capability at this point.  However, when you do take photos they come out extremely clear and crisp.
  • Take a video – you can take a 10 second video.  If you want a longer video, there is a button on the top that enables you to record as long as you like.
  • Get directions – using Google Maps, you can direct Glass to take you anywhere you want to go.
  • Send a Text Message – send a message to a friend or client through Glass
  • Make a call – get incoming and outgoing calls through Glass. The first time a call came in, it felt so strange.  Now, I’m used to it and love it.
  • Video Chat using Google Hangouts – I admit, this feature I haven’t tried yet but I can’t wait to do it… (Do you want to be my first?)
  • Share – you can share information on your social sites, specifically on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter.  They can also link up with Tumblr.

In addition, Glass knows your location so it can recommend area attractions and restaurants, which is quite useful when you are traveling.  It also shows you the local weather forecast. This is a very helpful feature!

You can also download CNN, The New York Times and Elle (look book) on Glass. I used them all for a few days and found them quite useful.  I particularly liked CNN because it was a video feed but I decided to shut these off because I was getting way too many notifications.
Google created a private Google Glass community where you get a chance to talk with other explorers and developers.  In a way, I feel a little like a pioneer who is charting uncharted territory.  It feels pretty cool…

I keep thinking of new ways to use Glass, which I plan to share. I would love to hear your thoughts too.  Please share on the blog.





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